Body Contouring with Viora

RF Energy (radio frequency) and our unique system has been featured on The Doctors, Enews, Elevate
and Professional Beauty.

Our RF Body Contouring device safely combines RF energy and vacuum for contouring, cellulite
reduction and skin tightening. Treatments are comfortable, like a deep tissue stimulation with a gentle
suction of the skin.

RF Contouring can be used on large and small areas that are bothering you, from abdomen, buttocks
and thighs to smaller areas like your underarms and inner thighs.

Treatments generally last about 15-20 minutes. The system is so safe and so versatile that the number
of sessions varies depending on your individual goals and which body parts you want to address.
There is no down-time. You can leave your body contouring session and go right back to work, to the
gym or yoga.

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