What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting has been around for 20 years and has developed a reputation for helping millions of people jumpstart their journey to achieve health and wellness by targeting stubborn areas of unwanted fat.

Ideal MedSpa chose to embrace CoolSculpting because of its long track record of success and safety. CoolSculpting is also the only FDA-cleared, *non-surgical fat-reduction treatment.



When will I see results?

Your follow-up includes check-ins and photographs at 30, 60, and 90 days post-treatment. Maximum results are usually seen 3 months after treatment. If we are certain that you will need more than one treatment in an area, you may opt to have your second treatment at 8 weeks.


What is the CoolSculpting experience?

At Ideal MedSpas, you are greeted and offered water at check-in. Then, one of our CoolSculpting experts will meet with you privately and discuss the areas of most concern to you. Our expert will also examine your body with you and make markings to show you where the device(s) will be placed. You will have lots of opportunity to ask questions. You may be able to have your consultation and treatment on the same day, or you can choose to return to the office on another day for your treatment.

When you come for your treatment, you will be taken to a relaxing, private treatment room. Our CoolSculpting expert will then explain the procedure and place the device on your area(s) of concern. While the CoolSculpting treatment is happening, you will have the opportunity to read, watch television, listen to music, or take a quick nap. 

The CoolSculpting device rests on your skin and brings the area of unwanted fat into the applicator using gentle suction. During the treatment, the fat cells are frozen and undergo adipolysis (rupture of fat cells). Your lymphatic system helps to clear the dead fat cells from your body in a natural way.

Many patients have multiple areas of concern, so we have the unique opportunity to offer DualSculpting. This allows our clients to save time by having more than one area treated at one time. 


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