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Why Is Belly Fat So Stubborn?

Why Is Belly Fat So Stubborn?

It starts off as a cute little pouch that develops in your tummy, but this extra fat becomes less than cute as you use every means necessary to shed the protrusion. You diet, you exercise, and you’re pleased with the results everywhere else on your body, but your belly fat remains, almost mocking your efforts.

Our team at Ideal MedSpas understands this frustration, and we want to accomplish two things in this month’s blog post: 1) explain why belly fat is so stubborn; and 2) explore how we can help you gain the upper hand on stubborn abdominal fat through body contouring.

Behind belly fat

The first thing to understand about belly fat is that there are two types:

Subcutaneous fat

This fat is located just below the surface of your skin and can be thought of as a type of padding.

Visceral fat

This fat lies deeper in your body and surrounds your organs. It’s more dangerous in terms of the role it plays in encouraging cardiovascular disease, breathing issues, and diabetes.

While women tend to have an overall higher percentage of body fat than men, both sexes struggle with abdominal fat of both kinds. 

Biologically, women are more prone to store fat around their reproductive organs, which means their stomachs and hips. This belly fat problem becomes more acute as they pass through menopause — in fact, 70% of women have central obesity (too much fat around the midsection). The reason behind this is that the sudden drop in estrogen causes a shift in fat storage — from the thighs and hips to the belly.

On the other side of the gender equation, men enjoy more muscle mass, which helps to keep fat at bay. When they do gain weight, it tends to first accumulate around their waists. While researchers are still unclear as to why this occurs, studies show that the visceral fat in men more readily accumulates dietary fat.

No matter your gender or your age, exercise and diet are key approaches for losing both visceral and subcutaneous fat. Where our services come in is helping you to reduce your subcutaneous fat with our innovative CoolSculpting® system.

CoolSculpting to reduce belly fat

Our CoolSculpting technology is ideal for those who are struggling with that extra padding around their bellies, as we can tackle these areas directly. With CoolSculpting, we deliver a cooling energy into the abdominal fat cells that destroys these cells in a process called cryolipolysis. In fact, with CoolSculpting, we can eliminate up to 20-25% of treated fat cells.

If you want to declare victory over your belly fat, contact our office in McDonough, Georgia, to schedule your CoolSculpting treatments.

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