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HydraFacial® and Viora® IPL Facial — Two Roads to Great Skin

HydraFacial® and Viora® IPL Facial — Two Roads to Great Skin

While people may seek that sun-kissed look, the fact is that the sun is likely doing far more damage than good to your skin. With two of our innovative facial treatments — the HydraFacial® and our Viora® V-IPL treatment — we can undo the effects of the sun and aging and breathe new life into dull or tired skin.

The aesthetics team here at Ideal MedSpas offers only the most effective tools for bringing out the best in your skin, and we explore two of those here.

HydraFacial — three simple steps to glowing skin

You may have a great skin care regimen at home, but nothing beats a regular professional facial treatment. Many of our clients see us routinely for a HydraFacial, which is an innovative system that accomplishes three objectives:

Cleanse and peel

In the first step of our HydraFacial, we perform a deep cleanse and peel, clearing away dead skin cells and other dirt and debris from your skin.

Extract and hydrate

In the next step of your HydraFacial, we use gentle suction to clean out your pores at the same time as we deliver intense moisturizers into your skin.

Fuse and protect

The final step of your Hydrafacial is tailored to your skin’s unique needs as we apply one of several different serums to your skin that contains antioxidants and peptides that protect your skin from future damage.

And, the best part? We can accomplish all three steps of your HydraFacial in just 30 minutes, which makes this facial treatment an easy choice for giving your skin some monthly TLC.

Viora V-IPL — using the power of light

Another great tool for putting your best face forward is our V-IPL photofacial. IPL stands for intense pulsed light, which is an advanced laser system that tackles a number of common facial concerns, including:

Whatever your goals, we can deliver pulses of light into your skin that break up surface concerns and encourage cellular turnover, leaving you with skin that’s evenly toned and glowing with youthful vibrance.

There’s no downtime after this noninvasive facial, and your results typically develop gradually as your skin flushes out damaged cells and new ones take their place.

Making this popular treatment even more enticing, we’re offering a V-IPL special — purchase one area, and we’ll provide a free treatment for an equal or lesser-sized area. This offer is for a limited time only (for August 2021), so don’t wait to schedule your V-IPL facial treatment.

For scheduling either your V-IPL facial or your HydraFacial, contact our office in McDonough, Georgia, to get started.

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