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How Body Contouring Can Help You Lose Your Love Handles

How Body Contouring Can Help You Lose Your Love Handles

While it may help just a little bit to call something we don’t want a cute name — such as love handles — it does little to solve the actual problem. If you’re not in love with those deposits of fat around your middle, we offer two exciting body-contouring systems, called CoolSculpting® and Viora® V-Form, which can help reduce love handles.

The goal here at Ideal MedSpas is to offer the latest technologies and products to help our clients reach their cosmetic goals. Our team of aesthetic experts has scoured the growing field of med spa services, and we’re pleased to offer the most effective body-contouring tools available, which certainly describes our CoolSculpting and V-Form technologies.

Here’s a look at how CoolSculpting and V-Form can make quick work of your love handles.

Tightening and contouring your love handles

Your love handles are those areas of fat around your abdomen and hips, which can be especially pronounced when you’re wearing clothes with a waistband.

Unfortunately, both men and women are biologically wired to carry fat in their abdomens, which means love handles develop quite easily in both genders. Making matters worse for women, their bodies are also hard-wired to carry more fat in their hips.

A comprehensive way to approach unwanted love handles is through a contouring system like V-Form. With this innovative technology, we send radiofrequency energy into your skin using a targeted vacuum device that allows precise and deep energy delivery. 

With the V-Form device, we can accomplish several objectives in your love handles, including:

The V-Form system is ideal for most candidates and boasts an average circumference reduction of nearly 3 centimeters.

Reducing the fat in love handles

Another approach to reducing your love handles is through fat reduction. Since spot reduction is an impossible endeavor (you can’t dictate where your body loses fat), a fat-reduction system like CoolSculpting is highly effective in targeting specific areas of fat.

With CoolSculpting, we deliver a cooling energy into your fat cells, which freezes and destroys them, allowing your body to clear away nearly one-quarter of the fat cells in your love handles.

More reasons to love our body-contouring technologies

Since both V-Form and CoolSculpting are noninvasive, they’re safe to use almost anywhere on your body, including your love handles.

As well, there’s no downtime after your treatments, which means there’s no disruption in your busy schedule.

Lastly, some of our patients combine CoolSculpting and V-Form for the ultimate one-two punch — you might undergo fat reduction with CoolSculpting first and then skin tightening with V-Form.

To determine which body-contouring treatments would be best for your love handles, contact our office in McDonough, Georgia, to schedule a consultation.

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