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Get Yourself Bikini Ready With Our Spring Break Specials

This winter has been a long one, and not just due to cooler weather, but because the ongoing threat of a global pandemic has us all feeling a little imprisoned. As you look ahead to brighter days this summer, why not use this time to get back out into the world looking your very best? 

At Ideal MedSpas, our team decided to help celebrate getting out of the house at long last with some specials that will turn a few heads, including 25% off our V-Form® body-sculpting treatments and $200 off per cycle of CoolSculpting treatments.

Here’s a look at this exciting body contouring and tightening technology, and how we can get you bikini ready by summertime.

Tighten, tone, and shape with V-Form

As you age, your body begins to lose collagen — at the rate of about 1% a year starting your 20s. The loss of this structural protein allows your skin to become increasingly loose and saggy, which is only accentuated when the bright sun hits your body.

With V-Form, we deliver radiofrequency energy into your tissue, which is absorbed as heat. This heat then creates a collagen response which rebuilds the structural support from below, tightening and toning your skin. 

With V-Form, we can not only tighten loose skin, but also recontour certain problematic areas, such as your abdomen, inner thighs, and buttocks.

Lastly, V-Form is a great weapon against cellulite, which plagues up to 90% of women. The radiofrequency energy coagulates your fat, increases blood circulation, and improves lymphatic drainage, all of which help reduce pesky cellulite, leaving you with smoother, lump-free skin.

A cooler approach

While V-Form is a great tool for tightening and reshaping, we also offer CoolSculpting®, which is a technology we use to freeze and destroy fat cells — between 20-25% in your target areas. 

CoolSculpting is FDA-cleared to treat the following areas:

After CoolSculpting destroys the fat cells, your body flushes them out naturally.

Your bikini timeline

Whichever technology you choose, V-Form or CoolSculpting, you should expect to undergo a series of treatments for best results. The treatments themselves are noninvasive and quick — sometimes as little as 20 minutes.

As you progress through your treatments and your body responds, you’ll realize gradual results. Most of our patients reach their goals about 6-12 weeks after their final session with us.

These results are yours to maintain through diet and exercise, and you can always come back for a touchup.

If you want to take advantage of our March Madness Makeover discounts — 25% off on V-Form treatments or $200 off per cycle of CoolSculpting — please contact our office in McDonough, Georgia, to schedule your first body-contouring treatment.

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