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Get Your Summer Body Ready With Body Contouring

As summer arrives and the world opens up again, you look forward to long, lazy days spent with friends soaking up the sun. Then you realize that time is running out for whipping your body into summer-ready shape, which is where our body-contouring services can help.

If you want to slip into your favorite sundress, pair of shorts, or swimsuit with confidence, the team of aesthetic specialists here at Ideal MedSpas offers several body-contouring options, including our advanced laser treatments — CoolSculpting® fat-reduction system and our V-Form® skin-tightening solution.

Here’s a look at how we can help get your body ready for summer.

Problem areas in women

While men and women can both carry fat and lose tone in their skin, these two processes are quite different between the genders.

Let’s start with women, who are more prone to carrying fat around their pelvic organs, which includes the abdomen and inner thighs. This fat accumulation is largely dictated by estrogen, the hormone primarily responsible for your reproductive health. To help with pregnancy and delivery, the fat cells in these areas don’t release fat so easily.

What this means is that it’s very difficult to work around this biological directive, no matter how hard you try to target these areas through diet and exercise. With CoolSculpting, we can slim down your abdomen and inner thighs by delivering a cooling energy directly into the fat cells in these areas.

Once we reduce (by up to 25%) the overall number of fat cells in your abdomen and inner thighs, we can then turn to V-Form which tightens the skin in these areas so that you achieve a slimmer profile that’s draped by tighter skin. 

Here again, hormones can interfere with your cosmetic goals, as the elasticity in your skin is largely governed by estrogen. With V-Form, we can work around Mother Nature to encourage more structural support by delivering radiofrequency energy directly into your tissue to stimulate collagen production.

Men and their bellies

For our male clients, body-contouring goals are often slightly different as we’re largely targeting the abdomen. Men don’t typically carry weight in their thighs, but they do have problems with their waistlines. The reason behind this is that the abdominal visceral fat in men has a high dietary fat uptake, which means a lot of what you eat goes straight to the fat cells in your abdomen.

With CoolSculpting, we can target and destroy abdominal fat cells, preventing them from storing any more fat.

If, after your CoolSculpting treatments, your abdominal skin is still loose, we can then turn to V-Form to spur collagen production so that you can show off your flatter belly properly.

Whether you’re male or female, if you want to debut a body that’s ready for summer, you should avail yourself of our body-contouring services now. Simply contact our office in McDonough, Georgia, to get on the road to the newer, slimmer you.

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