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Five Anti-Aging Treatments That Don't Require Surgery

Five Anti-Aging Treatments That Don't Require Surgery

The proverbial quest for the Fountain of Youth has always been an impossible road, but new science and emerging technologies have allowed us to take some important steps toward this lofty goal. While surgical solutions are effective, new advances are allowing us to garner amazing results without nipping and tucking at the edge of a knife.

At Ideal MedSpas, our team has done an incredible amount of research into the world of minimally invasive anti-aging solutions, and we’re pleased to offer the latest products and services that take us a step closer to the Fountain of Youth.

Here’s a look at five such innovative, and surgery-free, anti-aging treatments.

1. Cosmetic injectables

There’s a good reason why cosmetic injectables have taken the anti-aging world by storm – they’re fast, economical, and deliver surprisingly dramatic results with very little effort.

To start, we offer Botox®, which is a neurotoxin that relaxes the muscles that are responsible for creating crow’s feet, forehead lines, and brow creases.

While Botox can take care of the top half of your face, we turn to dermal fillers to address the signs of aging on the bottom half. As their name suggests, dermal fillers can fill in deep nasolabial folds, restore volume to your cheeks, plump up thinning lips, and minimize vertical lines around your mouth.

Together, these cosmetic injectables give you a quick-and-easy liquid facelift.

2. Chemical peels

Another great way to tackle aging skin is to remove the dead and damaged skin cells with a chemical peel to allow newer, healthier cells to take their place. Chemical peels can tackle fine lines and wrinkles, as well as surface concerns, such as age spots.

3. The power of light

As time goes by, the evidence of its passage can show up on your skin in the form of facial veins, age spots, and other blemishes. To erase these surface concerns, we’ve equipped ourselves with an intense pulsed-light (IPL) technology by Viora® called V-IPL

The short bursts of light energy break apart surface veins and areas of hyperpigmentation, leaving a smoother, blemish-free complexion behind.

4. Calling on collagen

When you were in your 20s, your skin enjoyed ample support, thanks to the structural protein called collagen. As you age, your production of collagen naturally wanes, and your existing collagen is broken down through exposure, especially at the hands of the sun.

With our Viora skin-tightening technology, or V-SL, we send gentle laser energy into your skin that elicits a collagen response. As your collagen production ramps up again after your V-SL treatments, it lifts your skin, reducing any fine lines and wrinkles that may have developed.

5. HydraFacial®

Our HydraFacial technology allows us to accomplish three important skin care steps in just one treatment. First, we thoroughly cleanse your skin and peel away old skin cells. Next, we clean out your pores using a painless suction technique, and then we rehydrate your skin with moisturizers. In the last step we use specialized serums to infuse your skin with the resources it needs to glow with great health.

HydraFacial is so effective, quick, and easy that many of our clients make it a regular part of their beauty regimen.

If you would like to explore which of our minimally invasive anti-aging treatment options is right for you, we invite you to contact our office in McDonough, Georgia, to schedule a consultation.

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