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Can Laser Therapy Even Out My Skin Tone?

Can Laser Therapy Even Out My Skin Tone?

Age spots, facial veins, large pores — these are some of the more common blemishes that can turn your skin into a landscape of differing colors and textures. To restore a more even tone to your skin, we offer an exciting laser technology that can dial back the damage.

The experienced aesthetic team here at Ideal MedSpas is pleased to feature the latest multi-technology system, called the Viora® V20, for helping you look your best. While our Viora system can tackle a wide range of cosmetic issues, we’re going to focus on skin tone here.

What we mean by skin tone

Before age and years of exposure left their marks, your skin was likely far more evenly toned, which means that blemishes were few and far between, and your skin had a more uniform coloring and texture.

Over time, your skin is exposed to the elements, mainly the sun’s ultraviolet rays, leaving you with age spots, facial veins, and freckling. 

While exposure is the primary culprit behind unevenly toned skin, age can also play a role. For example, as you age, your melanocytes (cells that contain pigment) become less numerous but tend to clump together, leaving you with areas of hyperpigmentation.

As well, with time, your skin becomes less elastic and hydrated, which can make once-small pores appear much larger.

Whatever your particular issues, the end result can leave you with skin that’s increasingly losing its smooth texture and tone.

Striking the right tone with Viora

With our Viora system, we rely on a laser technology called IPL (intense pulsed light), which can make quick work of unevenly toned skin. These pulses of light energy work to break up surface concerns, such as age spots and facial veins, allowing your body to flush away the debris and rebuild healthier skin cells.

What sets Viora apart in the field of IPL treatments is that the system allows us to tailor the pulses to your unique needs. Between single pulses, multiple pulse configurations, or rapid pulses, we can contain the thermal damage to the areas we want to target, while preserving your surrounding tissues at the same time.

This versatility not only helps us configure the IPL system to meet your goals, it allows us to treat most skin types.

Your Viora treatments

Most of our patients sail through their Viora treatments with ease, though some people experience minor redness afterward.

Depending upon your goals, you may require a series of Viora IPL treatments, which we space apart to allow time for damaged skin cells to clear away and healthier skin cells to take their places.

In about 6-12 weeks after your Viora treatments, your skin will be more evenly toned, at which point you need to maintain these excellent results by protecting your new skin from the sun.

If you want to transform the tone of your skin, contact our medical spa in McDonough, Georgia, to set up your IPL Viora treatments.

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